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Writing & Editing Services

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Good writing should grip the attention
of the reader like the rolling surf
holds the gaze of an onlooker.

GREAT WRITING is at the core of powerful, impactful communication. It should never be overlooked or short changed, yet it often is. It should be fresh, original and concise. Its style should fit its function.

Rand Green's years of experience as a professional writer and editor with an exceptionally diverse portfolio have equipped him with skills to put both clarity and pizzazz in your print or online newsletters, brochures, press releases and other written communications

Writing & Editing Services

The compelling power of well-written articles will greatly enhance the effectiveness of your newsletter and create readers who are eager to receive the next issue.

Producing compelling newsletters are a specialty at Rand Green Food & Ag Communications.

We work in several different ways with our newsletter clients:

900bbalb.gif (873 bytes) In some cases, the client furnishes us with either completed articles or rough drafts, and we do the editing and layout.

900bbalb.gif (873 bytes) In other cases, we write some or all of the articles for the newsletter, under the guidance of the client.

The choice is yours. You can furnish us with  the basic information for the newsletter articles, or direct us to the appropriate resources or the right people to interview, and Rand Green Communications will craft superbly written copy for your newsletter. Or you can provide us with rough drafts and we'll polish 'em till they shine.

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additional information on our newsletter services.

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