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Newsletter Services


newsletters are not well read,
chiefly because
they are boring,
visually and


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People do
read our
They look forward to

getting them


NEWSLETTERS serve many functions.

900bbalb.gif (873 bytes) Some are intended to educate and motivate employees and build morale.

900bbalb.gif (873 bytes) Some are targeted to customers or prospects for the purpose of increasing sales.

900bbalb.gif (873 bytes) Some are designed to keep members or shareholders informed of an organization's activities and up-to-date on industry issues.

900bbalb.gif (873 bytes) Some are aimed at either a general or a specific audience as a public relations tool.

Properly done, newsletters -- whether printed or online -- can be among the most effective means available to achieve objectives of these types.

Newsletter services are a specialty at Rand Green Food & Ag Communications. We can help you launch a newsletter from the ground up or do a remake of your existing newsletter.

We can do all of the interviewing, research and writing for the newsletter or edit your rough drafts. (See writing & editing services)

We can handle all aspects of newsletter production, from concept development to issue planning to layout and typography to printing and mailing -- or whatever portion of the task  you wish to allocate to us.

We'll even be happy to train your own personnel in how to do some or all of the job in-house, if you desire.

It has been said that nobody reads newsletters. And in truth, many newsletters are not well read, chiefly because they are boring, visually and editorially. But people do read our newsletters. They love them. They look forward to getting them. Our newsletters do the job they were meant to do.

We can do the same for your newsletters. Give us a call at
208-369-4769 and let's talk.

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