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About Rand Green
founder and executive director of
Rand Green Green Communications
and of the company's Food & Ag Communications Division

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Rand GreenRand Green, the founder and executive director of Rand Green Communications  in Emmett, Idaho (and formerly in Clovis, California), and of the company's Food & Ag Communications Division, is a professional writer, editor, graphic designer, photographer, internet publisher and agribusiness marketing consultant who has had broad experience in virtually all aspects of print media and internet communications through a career that spans more than 40 years.

During that time, he has edited newsletters,
written articles and press releases, designed brochures and sales literature, developed highly successful marketing plans and ad campaigns, developed award winning websites, and handled a wide variety of photo assignments for a diverse clientele ranging from shopping center developers to software developers, from architectural firms to airlines, from churches to government agencies, from industrial equipment manufacturers to restaurateurs, from educational institutions to medical care facilities. But his specialty for the last four decades has been agribusiness communications.

As a writer and photographer, Rand's
work has appeared in such ag and food related publications as The Produce News, California Grower, Arizona Farmer-Ranchman, Farm & Power Equipment, Snack Foods, Food Chemical News, Intermountain Food Retailer, Groups & Chains, Healthview Newsletter and Grain Age, as well as numerous non-ag consumer and trade publications and various daily and weekly newspapers.

He is past associate editor of Arizona Farmer-Ranchman,  past editor/publisher of California Grower, and former executive western editor of The Produce News, a national trade weekly for the produce industry with which he was associated as an independent contractor for more than 30 years, from April 1984 to December 2014. During that time, he wrote and published in print publications more than 15,000 articles on produce, ag and agribusiness-related subjects, the equivalent of about seventy-five 300-page books.

He is founder, editor and publisher of Perspicacity Press.com, an online newsletter devoted to political issues. He is author of four books, with two more soon to be published.

Undergirding this wealth of hands-on experience is a foundation of solid academic training with extensive course work in biochemistry, business, marketing, advertising, photography and graphic design in addition to his history major and English and communications minors. He holds a B.A. from Brigham Young University and has done post-graduate work at the University of Utah.

Rand is an avid outdoorsman and has traveled extensively. He is an Eagle Scout and second generation professional writer. Both of his parents were published authors.

Rand's agricultural roots run deep. He grew up on a small hobby farm and worked summers on some much larger commercial farms. His father began his illustrious editorial career as a university extension editor. Several uncles, one of whom invented the industry's first mechanical potato sorter, were farmers in southern Idaho. One grandfather owned a produce shipping business; the other, a forest ranger, raised Madonna lilies and raspberries commercially.

Rand Green Communications, which services a national clientele, was initially founded as Randall Green & Associates in 1974. At one time a full service advertising agency and marketing communications firm. Rand Green Communications restructured in 1994 to focus primarily on its core business: the writing, editing and production of print and online newsletters and other print and web-based communications, principally for clients in food, agriculture and allied industries. Since that time, it has expanded with the addition of various internet publishing ventures. Banners with links to these can be found at the RandGreen.com portal page.


Rand Green
Food & Ag Communications

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